White Stone is fuelled by the desire to lead a new wave in the Quebec real estate landscape. This real estate development company wants to redefine the rental market.


A community of experts at the service of your requirements

White Stone has a solid network of partners and leaders in the industry who use their expertise and knowledge to develop projects that meet your highest expectations.

A team of over 200 professionals are busy working on your next home.

Our philosophy

Bringing people together and being aware that our actions have a permanent impact on the environment is written in White Stone’s DNA.

Our current projects

We create durable relationships built on trust. Once a carefully selected site has been located, we pay special attention to every stage of the project development to offer you warm living spaces that suit the lifestyle of your dreams.

Our ambition

White Stone aspires to be a positive leader in Quebec’s business world. We are committed to redefining success by placing social and environmental impacts at the center of our decision-making process.

Our founder


Fuelled by a strong desire to create unique experiences for others as well as to live unique experiences, Zak is a lifelong entrepreneur. Graduated from John Molson School of Business, he is also a certified CIIQ and RBQ real estate professional.

Initially, as the founder of an event company, he criss-crossed the city in search of perfect locations that would bring people together. Now, Zak has brought his experience into real estate development and has kept the distinct touch for choosing ideal sites to host his projects; exhibiting great potential of providing an authentic living environment. Authenticity and integrity are at the core of how he leads White Stone.